School Entrance Exams

Benefits of Tuition for School Entrance Examinations:

A good education has never been more important for children: it opens doors of opportunity for the rest of their lives. But many are failing to reach the standards of which they are capable, because they do not have sufficient individual help; increasing numbers of parents are therefore turning to tutors to help their children reach their full potential. In many cases, they want to maximise the children’s chances of success in increasingly competitive examinations. Problems may have arisen because of a need to focus more on a specific subject; or, learning may have been disrupted by illness; some schools do not cover the 11+/common entrance syllabus; or, more usually, parents are simply aware that getting a place at a grammar school or independent school is becoming ever more competitive.

A tutor can:

* Identify specific areas of weakness within a child’s literacy and numeracy skills, focusing on them and helping to build more secure foundations which will provide a strong basis for future study.

* Offer teaching which is of a high standard and well-organised.

* Build a good personal relationship with the child by being friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.

* Teach simple but effective methods to tackle problems.

* Help the student to take the examinations seriously.

* Make lessons interesting, engaging and fun.

* Prepare the student from the appropriate syllabus.

* Prepare the student for scholarship examinations.

* Sharpen skills and techniques which can make all the difference in very competitive examinations.

* Give expert tuition and support leading up to the examination, showing how to solve practice papers and past papers for specific schools.

* Ensure that, leading up to the examination, children are confident with time management and examination techniques.

* Give mock examination sessions, close to the examination date, so that the child builds up more confidence.

* Enable the child to feel comfortable with the structure and layout of the tests they practise.

* Encourage the child and support them.

* Help the child to gain self-confidence as well as practical skills.

Why have a tutor to help your child to prepare for school entrance examinations?

A typical example would be a family who are concerned that their child is not fully prepared or sufficiently confident for their 7/8+/11+/Common Entrance 13+ / 16+tests. They need a qualified person to work from the appropriate syllabus, to go over the subject areas that are needed and to tailor the classes to their child’s needs. They also need somebody who can help their child to learn ‘exam technique’ and build up the child’s confidence, so that the examination is seen as a welcome challenge and not an impossible hurdle.