Maths Tuition

Benefits of Maths Tuition

* Strengthening a vital subject

Maths is, along with English, one of the central and most important school subjects. At every level of education, a child’s success in Maths is crucial. It is also vitally important at a more advanced level for a wide range of Higher Education options and careers.

It is therefore essential that every possible help is given to any child who is struggling with Maths. Individual tuition can provide the necessary help that can make all the difference.

* Giving individual attention and improving concentration

Schools face enormous challenges in giving pupils the levels of individual attention they need and deserve to fully develop their potential. In classroom situations, some students may be left behind, and others will find the lesson too slow, and could learn much more quickly. With one-to-one tuition, all these problems are eliminated. A tutor can tailor the lesson to the student, and allow the student to ask questions and to help set the pace and style of the lesson; at every stage the tutor can confirm that the student has understood an idea before moving on.

* Identifying problem areas

One-to-one interaction is more likely to be able to address the areas of a subject that a child finds difficult, and help can be very specifically targeted at these things. The tutor is able to identify aspects of the syllabus which the child has missed or not remembered or not understood, and focus on them.

* Improving exam results and increasing chances of success

Tuition can help students perfect their exam technique, so that they can get the grades they deserve. Being able to apply knowledge in an exam situation and score high marks takes practice.

When working toward the best possible exam grades the path of a successful academic career is determined by optimising the study time available and being able to keep pace with the demands of the curriculum. Tuition helps the student to gain the most benefit from mainstream educational activities and fulfil their academic potential.

* Improving confidence and motivation

Personal tuition helps to increase both the enjoyment and the success of a student. So it helps to provide a positive learning experience that builds confidence and motivation, providing the best possible chance of academic success.

The attention of a personal tutor enables children to make the most of every opportunity to learn and develop their academic skills throughout their critical formative years.

* Improving learning skills

Tuition will help children have an easier time learning new lessons in the future – New strategies and methods of approaching learning can be taught which will make learning easier, more enjoyable and more successful

* Offering encouragement

The tutor can give personal encouragement – praising the child for what they can do, and not blaming them for what they can’t do. It has been said that “more people fail for lack of encouragement than for any other reason.”